Roads, Traffic and Footpaths

Alexandrina Council is pleased to present our scheduled works map.

This tool allows the user to interact with Council's upcoming work schedule for capital works, tree trimming and street sweeping. The map will be updated quarterly and is subject to change.

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Alexandrina Council is responsible for over 530km of sealed roads and 770km of unsealed roads across a wide range of terrain from the high rainfall hills of Mount Compass and Kuitpo to the plains of Langhorne Creek and Milang.

As well as roads, Council maintain a network of footpaths across all seven townships and a wide variety of bridges and major culverts.

Verge / Nature Strip

Alexandrina Council encourages all residents to maintain their own verge in front of their property. Residents are encouraged to mow grassed areas and keep the area neat and tidy.
If you wish to plant a tree, remove a tree or landscape the verge an application to alter a verge is required to be submitted to Council. To download this application form click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   I would like the tree on my verge/nature strip removed
A  Council does not remove trees on Nature strips unless they are dead, unsafe or causing major infrastructure problems.

Q   I would like to plant trees/shrubs on Council verge/nature strip adjacent my property
A  Council must be contacted prior to any planting occurring on Council land to assess the suitability of planting and plant species.

Q   Can Council plant a tree on the verge/nature strip?
A   Yes, on request Council will provide 1 street tree per allotment and will maintain that tree for 12 months. Trees are planted in winter. Tree planting requests are put on a list and worked through until budgeted money is spent, then resume in the new financial year. It is possible to have to wait 2 or more years for a tree. This will be determined by the number of requests we receive in the future.

Q   Can Council prune vegetation on a path or roadside to improve vision or accessibility?
A  Yes, these requests are given priority and will be attended to within 3 weeks of the request depending on the severity of the situation.

Q   Can Council come and mow my overgrown verge?
A  No, this is the responsibility of the property owner. Council can undertake verge spraying to eliminate verge vegetation if required.

Key Documents

Alexandrina Roadside Vegetation Management Plan 2016-2021

Footpath Masterplans(5428 kb)