Project Updates

Project Updates

Nangkita Road - Update
28 October 2019

Road maintenance on Nangkita Road presents ongoing challenges, as the swampy ground results in water springs regularly occurring in the pavement causing it to fail.  Council is aware of the current condition of the road and have signposted particularly hazardous section of the road to ensure it is safe for motorists and will continue with ongoing temporary repairs.

Council have undertaken geotechnical investigations and are currently determining the most cost effective way to repair the road. Road users patience is appreciated, with adherence to reduced speed in section of the road, until repair works are carried out. Stage 2 of works planned on Nangkita Road within the current 2019-20 Budget will be advised (here) on Council’s website in the coming weeks including timeframe of works.

A road management solution is currently being established, and we anticipate this will take a minimum of four weeks to develop this report and plan. Road users patience is appreciated. 

Old SA Water Pump Station site

One of Alexandrina Council’s premier riverside boulevards will become more welcoming and accessible, with the purchase of a currently unutilised piece of land on Liverpool Road in Goolwa.

At its meeting on Monday 21 January 2019, Alexandrina Council endorsed the purchase of the SA Water Pump Station on Liverpool Road, Goolwa. The purchase will see Alexandrina Council partner with SA Water to transform the old SA Water Pump Station on Liverpool Road, Goolwa into community open space at a cost of $63,500.

The purchase requires SA Water to decommission the site, remove structures, and landscape the site with turf and a bush tucker garden with Council maintaining the site into the future. The Pump Station previously pumped water from the Murray River for the town water supply, with these operations ceasing many years ago.  The 1200m2 site is currently fenced and contains two outbuildings and a submerged holding tank.

Goolwa Wharf Recycling Project - Waste Less… Recycle More

Alexandrina Council working in partnership with Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority, Cittaslow Goolwa and Goolwa Tidy Towns has recently installed two trial public place recycling bin bank stations within the Goolwa Wharf Precinct.

The aim of the trial is to encourage members of the public to ‘Waste Less....Recycle More’ by sorting their waste and disposing it into the appropriate bins.

The public place recycling stations contain a general waste bin, recycling bin and 10c deposit bin for bottle and can recycling.

The stations will be in place over the summer holiday season.

Council and Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority will monitor contents to determine the success of the trial. 

It is well known that a large percentage of waste going to landfill is recyclable and we can all do our bit by sorting our waste to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

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