Planning and Development

The Development Act 1993 requires that no development can be undertaken unless it has the approval of the relevant authority, which in most cases is your local council. This means that any construction, alteration, addition to or demolition of a building or structure, a change in that current use of land or anything that modifies a designated heritage item constitutes development as defined in the Development Act 1993 and therefore requires formal development approval.

Changes to the planning system

From July 2020 onwards the Development Plan will be replaced by a state-wide Planning and Design Code. The draft Planning and Design Code is currently open for community consultation until February 2020. For more information please refer to the SA Planning Portal.  

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All forms, fact sheets and helpful guides are below the icons.

Planning, Building and Development Forms

**These forms must be read in conjunction with the relevant Information Sheet - see below drop down menu Planning Building and Development Help Guides

Development Application Form

Development Application Fee Schedule

Electricity Act Declaration

Demolition Application Form

Request to View or Copy Plans

Quick Checklist - Dwelling & Dwelling Additions

Quick Checklist - Shed, Verandah, Carport & Deck

Statement of Representation 

Waste Control Application Form and Checklist

Planning Building and Development Fact Sheets
Planning Building and Development Help Guides

Attachment of Structures to Existing Roof Frames

Bed and Breakfast

Building Requirements Checklist

Building Safely Near Powerlines                                    

Certificate of Independent Technical Expert - Building Advisory notice

Change of Land use

Community Wastewater Management System Standards


Design Guidelines for the Provision of Infrastructure and Other Assets


Fences and the Law ( or call 1300 366 424)

Garage - Lodging an Application

Heavy Vehicle Parking on Residential Premises

Home Activity

Horse Keeping                                                                     

Horse Keeping in the Mount Lofty Ranges

Industrial/Commercial Buildings and Additions


Moveable Signs

More than one Dwelling on an Allotment

Native Vegetation

Native Vegetation Management

New Dwelling/Dwelling Additions

Non-Complying Development

Owner Builder 

Planning Requirements Checklist

Public Notification

Pre-used Transportable Buildings

Rainwater Tank

Retaining Walls

Shed/Carport/Verandah/Garage - Checklist Brochure


Solar Panels

Stormwater Detention & Retention Standards

Swimming Pools & Spas or

Trees and the Law  ( or call the Legal Helpline 1300 366 424)

Waste Control (Septic, Aerobic and Common Effluent)

Work Commenced Without Approval

Useful Links

Minister's Specification SA H3.2 -  “Concessions for farm buildings” 2015 edition

Farm Buildings Fact Sheet

CFS Policy 0014 – “Above Ground Water Storage Tanks for Fire Fighting Purposes”       

CFS Development Assessment Web Page  

Alternative Solutions

Before You Build - Crown Land and Waterfront Properties


Native vegetation in South Australia (except parts of metropolitan Adelaide) is protected. You may need to apply to clear native vegetation. This is a separate process to the Development Act approval process.

See maps to find out where the protection under the Native Vegetation Act applies. Contact your local Natural Resources Centre if you need general information.

For more information, contact the Planning and Development Department on (08) 8555 7000 or email 

To lodge a Development Application, please do so electronically via email -

For larger files (exceeding 10MB) please upload your application and/or associated files here

To notify Council of a Development Stage, please use our Mandatory Notifications Form

To request preliminary advice prior to lodging a Development Application, please use our Preliminary Advice Form

Council's Development Application Register is available to view. The register is an up to date source of all development applications lodged with Council.