Camping in Alexandrina

Frank Potts Reserve in Langhorne Creek is the only approved camping site within the Alexandrina Council area.

Frank Potts Reserve, Langhorne Creek 

Frank Potts Reserve has been a popular site for many years and Council is committed to ensuring that residents and visitors to our beautiful region can continue to enjoy the Langhorne Creek district from this site. Council acknowledge that the facilities on site are limited and would encourage visitors who wish to stay longer than 72 hours at Frank Potts Reserve to please consider staying in one of the local caravan parks in nearby towns.  

Frank Potts Reserve is suitable for camping, caravans and self-contained motor homes. Advanced bookings are not possible and there are no designated sites. Frank Potts Reserve is owned by Alexandrina Council and allows camping and overnights stays for a period of time up to 72 hours only.

Council is committed to ensuring that all residents/visitors are able to enjoy the amenity of the location, and would encourage all facility users to:

  • be considerate of others
  • minimise noise (e.g. generators and loud music) between the hours of 7.00pm and 8.00am.
  • note that campfires are not permitted within this location
  • make use of general rubbish and recycling bins located around the reserve
  • please make sure that your site is left clean and tidy for the next camper.

Alexandrina Council holds discretionary powers to request the removal of any persons that may be in breach of Council’s Local Government Land By-Laws, fines may apply for any breaches.