Any fireworks display to be conducted on community land or road related area requires the permission  of Council.

Alexandrina Council values and promotes community events throughout our district. Local events and community attractions encourages an increased social and cultural life within Alexandrina Council’s townships, providing a heightened sense of a town’s cultural identity and encourages relaxation and positive tourism.

Alexandrina Council aims to establish a practical balance when assessing an application for use of Council land for a firework display and will consider all implications in relation to residential impact, animal welfare, public notification, fire risk, tourism and potential impact on road users.

During the fire danger season, an additional approval is required to be sought by the applicant, from an Authorised Officer of CFS and lodged with Council prior to Council authorising the permit.

Permit conditions may vary dependant on the time of the year and location in which the fireworks display is proposed.


No fee applies

For further information or an application form please contact a Property Officer of Council.