Glyphosate statement

Alexandrina Council

Glyphosate is used by teams in Council’s Environment Department (i.e. Parks & Gardens, Nature Conservation) as part of an integrated approach for the control of weeds. General weed control and declared pest plant control on Council land are undertaken by a variety of methods, such as brush cutting, hand pulling or the use of selective and non-selective herbicides. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, and usually used in high amenity use areas such as footpaths or roadside verges where alternative methods are not cost or results effective.

Glyphosate is registered for use throughout the world and current regulatory assessment is that it does not pose a risk to humans when used according to label instructions.

Local councils, including Alexandrina Council, are permitted to use glyphosate products, and these products are safe to use in areas which will be later used by people or animals when used according to label instructions, as approved by the the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Alexandrina Council often engages contractors to undertake the task of weed and pest eradication. These contractors are required to have a Pest Controllers Licence.

As with all chemical use, the on-going use of glyphosate should be, and is monitored regularly by Council, to confirm the activity is still required, and that the substance is the most appropriate chemical to use in a given situation.

The use of glyphosate within Alexandrina Council is undertaken within the guidelines of Australian Standards, and supported by the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012. It is an approved chemical which is used as one method in a broader integrated control approach to weed control on Council land. 

All Council staff and contractors using glyphosate on Council land are highly trained in the risk assessment process and safe use of this product.

Alexandrina Council is committed to undertaking weed control in a safe and effective way. Should further technologies, resources or alternatives become available to trial weed control, not involving glyphosate or other chemicals, Council will consider the ability to participate in these alternatives.

If you have ongoing concerns or ideas in relation to this matter, please provide your feedback to Council via our My Say website at and submit a ‘Feedback’ form.

How to register - ‘Do Not Spray’

Council maintains a database of residents requesting that Council (or Council’s engaged contractors) “do not spray” on their property’s verge. If you would like to be added to this register please contact Council on 8555 7000 or email

Please note that if residents choose to use this register, they will need to maintain their own verge and are encouraged to mow grassed areas and keep the area neat and tidy.