Strathalbyn Aged Care Precinct Announcement

And the Co-Design Outcome Report

On 7 March 2019, the SA government announced a $12 million upgrade of the Strathalbyn and District Aged Care Facility and the reactivation of Kalimna and an accompanying co-design project to inform the future design of the new Strathalbyn aged care precinct. 

As part of the co-design process, State Government appointed subject-matter experts, Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA) and the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (ACSI) to conduct and synthesise consultation with community and stakeholders.

The consultation outcomes report has now been released.  The design principles contained in this report will be used to guide the design of the Strathalbyn and District Aged Care Facility, future considerations for the Kalimna Hostel site and the provision of other aged care services in Strathalbyn.

The Strathalbyn co-design precinct is a Federal-State initiative but Council will remain in close contact with project administrators and continue to offer our support and collaboration toward achieving a positive community outcome.

View the Co-Design Strathalbyn Aged Care - Outcome Report