Draft Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment

Draft Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment

Public Consultation outcomes are now available

An infographic summarising the results of the nine week public consultation period for the Draft Strathalbyn Township and Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is now available here.

Alexandrina Council sought feedback from interested local residents, businesses and community groups from 16 November 2017 to 19 January 2018, and received submissions from 608 individual respondents.

The four key areas of proposed change in the draft Strathalbyn DPA were:

  • a new objective and desired character statement and provisions to discourage small allotments within the Industry Zone, Milnes Road
  • rezoning the Langhorne Creek Road land to Open Space and the insertion of a new policy, which will provide for uses such as recreation facilities, sports grounds, community centre, camping area, etc.
  • amending the desired character statement, policies and provisions within the Strathalbyn Centre Policy Area 4 of the District Centre Zone to encourage housing for older persons; encourage preferred land uses and relocation of non-preferred land uses; extend the zone boundary; and reflect the recommended change to the off-street parking requirements
  • rezoning the Adelaide Road land to Residential and amending the policy within the Strathalbyn North Policy Area 26 to reflect the desired balance of residential development, open space and appropriate small-scale non-residential uses.

Alexandrina Council Mayor, Keith Parkes says Council will consider the outcomes of public consultation at its Council meeting of 21 May 2018. “We are thrilled with the level of response from the community regarding the public consultation, with 8% of the Strathalbyn community contributing feedback,” he says.

“We want - and need - to get these policy settings right. This is about much more than a single project. This is about securing the long-term look, feel and prosperity of Strathalbyn as a whole community, in line with the community’s own vision as set out in the Strathalbyn Town Plan.”

Council acknowledges that in addition to the 608 individual respondents to the public consultation, there was also a strong level of general interest generated in the community including a petition to the SA Parliament, social media engagement, and articles and letters to the editor in the local media.

“Council’s elected representatives will consider a range of inputs in determining a response to the public consultation to ensure a balanced policy environment for the future of Strathalbyn.”