Alexandrina is Looking to the Future

Alexandrina is Looking to the Future

New organisational structure announced

In just a few months, the Alexandrina economy is expected to reach the incredible milestone of $1 billion per annum. Within five years, Alexandrina Council is likely to have an annual turnover of $50 million making it one of the State’s largest regional councils. In ten years, the Alexandrina community is projected to grow to more than 30,000 people, being a destination of choice for new residents to the Fleurieu Peninsula. Now, more than ever, it is time to look to the future.

Glenn Rappensberg, CEO of Alexandrina Council has announced a new organisational structure to navigate this future, focusing on six key areas: leadership, people, resources, environment, wellbeing and growth.

The new structure aspires to strongly deliver for both Council and community in:

- assisting leaders to make decisions in the community’s interest;

- creating a culture that puts people at the centre of all that we do and importantly; recognises, listens and cares;

- delivering strength, stability and sustainability in the management of resources;

- cultivating an environment of high-quality natural and built assets;

- enhancing wellbeing with something for every age, at every stage; and

- complementing well-planned and well-managed growth with an innovative edge.

“The organisational redesign will deliver exemplary leadership and services that are not only community-focused, but innovative in their application,” said Mr Rappensberg.

”The organisation will be supported in this transformation by a change management model that empowers all staff to be involved in the future, no matter what their role or level.”

Alexandrina Council will soon be recruiting for three general managers to support the new structure. Two general manager positions are currently vacant and one position is a newly created role, which provides the Alexandrina community with a unique opportunity to attract dynamic candidates with a wide range of expertise.

”I anticipate these positions will be very attractive to candidates of significant calibre as this is an amazing opportunity for high level professionals to work in a forward-thinking organisation within a dynamic community,” said Mr Rappensberg.

“I am also extremely grateful to those staff who have stepped-up and filled acting positions throughout the organisation in recent times.”

A specialist human resources company will be engaged to support the recruitment with positions to be advertised widely, including on Council’s website in the coming month.

Alexandrina Council will transition to the new structure by 1 July 2018.

View the new structure here.