Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment Process

Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment Process

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Alexandrina Council is naturally aware that there are a range of community conversations and concerns about the request for the rezoning of the approximately 13 hectares of land on Adelaide Road.

This proposal will be treated in exactly the same way as any other similar proposal that comes before Alexandrina Council.

Council has a Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment Process(356 kb)with a number of stages. Council looks forward to the eight week consultation period - which, pending Ministerial approval, we anticipate will take place in October and November - which will allow us to listen to genuine feedback about how our community feels about this project.

It is only after each and every member of our community has had their opportunity to be heard that

Council can make an informed decision based on sound and solid facts.

Alexandrina Council will then move forward with making a decision that we believe will be in the best interests of Strathalbyn residents and businesses.

You can follow the Strathalbyn DPA project here