Growing the ‘Heart of Strathalbyn’

Strathalbyn Development Plan Amendment update.

Alexandrina Council is committed to ‘growing the heart of Strathalbyn’.

Strathalbyn is a growing community and we expect the local population to increase by more than 10 per cent in the next five years. This will see the number of residents jump from 7,400 to 8,300, mostly thanks to the very welcome addition of new families choosing to relocate to Strathalbyn.

While we’re clearly delighted at the prospect of a growing population, we also believe it’s important that we continue to protect and strengthen the unique charm of Strathalbyn. And that includes the central heart of Strathalbyn – our CBD, the beautiful Soldiers Memorial Gardens and picturesque heritage streetscape.

We’re focussing on that with a Development Plan Amendment process which aims to unlock development potential in the town centre, rezone Council-owned land for community and sporting use, and explore opportunities for expanded medical, childcare, retirement living and aged care facilities.

Council is also investing in traffic management and streetscape improvements to better link the two halves of Strathalbyn’s retail heart – Dawson Street and High Street.

Our key driver in developing our Strathalbyn Town Plan is to focus on creating more economic opportunities, by nurturing the success of businesses and ensuring that the full potential for development within the ‘heart’ of the town is realised as a first priority.

Yes we need growth and yes we need jobs.

But our growth has to be planned and sustainable. We need to carefully consider current and potential land use in Strathalbyn and what activities are best suited for each location.

As always, we look to our community to play a vital role in this process.

We want to hear from the community during our consultation phases, as we also work with a number of external agencies to prepare the Strathalbyn Township and Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA) which is based on the recommendations of the Strathalbyn Town Plan completed in 2014.

Before the amendment can be submitted to the South Australian government for approval in December 2017, Council needs to complete a number of planning assessments.

We are envisaging these investigations will be completed by early July and preparation of the draft DPA completed by early-September. An 8-week consultation phase will follow.

We look forward to further opportunities for community feedback and consultation and details will be shared once the dates are confirmed.

Strathalbyn is a unique jewel in the South Australian hills landscape. We believe focussing on the heart of this historic town will deliver the best results for the families and businesses who are so proud to call it home.

Mayor Keith Parkes, Alexandrina Council 

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