Consultation - Proposed Suburb Name Change

The proposed name for a portion of Hayborough is Chiton.

Council has been requested by a number of residents to support a name change for the portion of Hayborough that is sited in the Alexandrina Council boundary. The proposed name for the new suburb is CHITON.

View the plan showing the extent of the subject land area here.

A report was presented to Council 19 December 2016 seeking support to engage with the community to determine whether Council should submit a proposal to the Office of the Surveyor General. Council supported the recommendation.

Council has no statutory authority in relation to names of suburbs and localities. The naming of and alterations to boundaries is the responsibility of the Office of the Surveyor General. Changes are provided for under Section 11 of the Geographical Names Act 1991, to ‘alter the boundaries of Places and Assign a Name to a Place’. Any submission does not guarantee the proposal will be successful.

In determining if a change is required the Surveyor-General takes into consideration the following factors (guidelines):

  • The benefits of the proposal to the community as a whole
  • The level of support from residents and Council
  • Difficulties by the community in access to and from the area
  • Views of Police, Emergency Service Providers and Australia Post
  • Does it appear that the proposed change is motivated by status/money
  • The costs to the community associated with the change
  • The impact on local businesses
  • The size of the area and the proposed boundaries
  • The proposed name
  • The impact on all affected residents
  • The cost to organisations to update data system associated with the change

Once a change has been formally gazetted, the information needs to be disseminated to numerous organisations and people. A change may take several years to flow through to street directories and navigation systems. Therefore it is the responsibility of Government, Council and affected people to advise of the change.

Council seeks your feedback on whether you support Council in submitting a proposal to the Office of the Surveyor General.

Please direct all written submissions to or by post to The Chief Executive, PO Box 21, Goolwa SA 5214.

Alternatively, fill out an online form here.

Public Consultation closes Thursday 6 April 2017.