Road Closures

A list of roads closed in the Alexandrina region due to weather conditions

** Updated 4.15pm Monday 21 August 2017 **

Council has received a high amount of rapid response requests during this period of extreme weather over the last 24 hours. These requests relate to repairs to our sealed and unsealed road networks and to flooding related issues. The amount of work requests we have received is significant; it will take some time to contact all the customers who have placed requests and to work through and prioritise the backlog of requests, in particular for both sealed and unsealed roads.
We may not be aware of all incidents in the Alexandrina region. If you are experiencing road-related issues as a result of the extreme weather, please contact us on 8555 7000. If your property is being threatened by rising levels of water, or your personal safety is at risk, contact emergency services as soon as possible.
Council will prioritise its efforts to consider safety of the community first and foremost and will get back to customers when we can.
Please note that the following roads are closed in the Alexandrina region due to current weather conditions:
  • Ballendown Road, Langhorne Creek (Findlater to Lake Plains Road)
  • Brockhurst Road, Kuitpo (Brookman Road to Tynan Road)
  • Ford Road, Ashbourne
  • Green Road, Ashbourne
  • Main Road, Finniss
  • Saltmarsh Road, Milang (ford closed)
  • Sherrington Road, Belvedere (ford closed)
  • Tavener Road, Langhorne Creek (ford closed)

The following roads have been affected by the current weather conditions, but remain open:

  • Adams Gully Road, Kuitpo (water over road)
  • Ashbourne Road, Strathalbyn, near Dog Flat Rd (water over road, signage)
  • Birchall Road, Goolwa (water over road, speed restrictions)
  • Blackfellows Creek Road, Nangkita (slippery, wet road; traffic hazard x 2, ruts in road)
  • Blackfellows Creek Road, Kuitpo (slippery, wet road)
  • Blackfellows Road, Yundi (traffic hazard, large holes on corner of road near property 1110)
  • Braeside Road, Finniss (water and gravel over road, speed restrictions opposite property 63)
  • Burma Road, Nangkita (water rising, will be monitored)
  • Bushy Road, Langhorne Creek (water over road, signage)
  • Burnside Road, Strathalbyn (water over road, signage)
  • Cheriton Road, Belvidere (Angas Plains Road to Milang Road)
  • Davidson Road, Langhorne Creek (one lane only - extreme care required, bridge undermined, bollards in place, speed reduced to 25kph)
  • Deep Creek Road, Tooperang
  • Dry Plains Road, Strathalbyn (water over road, signage)
  • Evans Street, Goolwa (water over road, speed restrictions)
  • Finniss Ford, Finniss
  • Flagstaff Hill Road, Middleton (water over road)
  • Gilbert Siding, Finniss (water over road)
  • Houlden Road, Goolwa (water over road)
  • Jaensch Road, Hartley
  • Kessell Road, Goolwa (water over road)
  • Koennecke Road, Strathalbyn (water over road, signage, slippery when wet)
  • Lake Plains Road, Langhorne Creek (water over road, signage)
  • Leslies Road, Langhorne Creek (water over road, signage)
  • Lines Road, Middleton (traffic hazard, washed out both sides of road)
  • Meechi Road, Langhorne Creek
  • Michelmore Road, Middleton (traffic hazard, mud and water over road)
  • Mine Flat Road, Strathalbyn (Long Valley to Burnside Roads - water over road, signage)
  • Myrtle Grove Road, Currency Creek (water over road)
  • Norton Street, Goolwa (water over road, speed restrictions)
  • Rankine Road, Strathalbyn (water over road, signage)
  • Signal Flat Road, Finniss (water over road)
  • Swamp Road, Strathalbyn (water over road, signage)
  • Tucker Road, Sandergrove (water over road, signage)
  • Tynan Road, Kuitpo (Brookman to Brohurst Roads)
  • Vale Road, Highland Valley (culvert washed out, water over road, singage)
  • Winery Road, Currency Creek (Tookayerta Crossing, and Finnis crossing open)
  • Wanstead Road, Langhorne Creek (water over road)

Please respect the road closure signage and take an alternative route for your own safety. Roads are being inspected daily with a view to reopening when it is safe to do so. We thank you for your patience and understanding.