No Bridge Too Far

James Parker and John Whitney

Event Type Exhibition/Show
Event Focus Arts
Event Reach All
Event Scope Local Community
Price Free
Dates 28/07/2017 to 03/09/2017
Performer Details “When I was young I assumed that if someone didn’t grow up right next to a bridge then they longed to. My bridge is the best bridge there is – anywhere in the world, not because of the delicate way it sits perched on the banks of the River Wakefield, nor it’s beautiful arch or the relentless repetition of the rivets or the handle that gives it it’s ‘Basket Bridge’ nomenclature or even its red patina. It really is none of these things. It is the persuasive way in which it anchors itself into landscape and its interactions on the narratives of my youth. (Wholesome and Huckleberry as it was). My town would be considerably different without it. There would be no shaded swimming in the summer, no diving from the arch into the pool under, a summer picnic would not be the same if you couldn’t eat your corned beef and chutney sandwich or drink a cup of Bobo cordial while leaning against the foundations, or looking at its silhouette disappear into the evening dark when sitting on the front lawn with family and friends. I love bridges – even those in other towns, but never in the same way, as I like mine. I don’t know how others feel about their bridge and in the past I have never really enquired. I rarely covet another bridge I just pass by with a respectful nod to its engineering or usefulness. That would be to water down the link with my riveted arched anchor,” James Parker 2016. James Parker and John Whitney are two South Australian artists whose work for this exhibition is anchored in their shared passion for drawing as the springboard for the artwork.
Location South Coast Regional Art Centre

Gallery hours: Wed to Fri 11am-4pm, Sat and Sun 10am-4pm

Opening event: Sun 30 July at 2pm

Enquiries: Arts & Cultural Development Officer 8555 7000

Things to know: Floor talk Sun 30 July at 1pm