Work Health and Safety and employment with Council

The Work Health and Safety Act aims to protect the health, safety and welfare of people at work. It lays down general requirements which must be met at places of work in South Australia.


Must while at work, take reasonable care for the health and safety of people who are at the employee's place of work and who may be affected by the employee's acts or omissions at work.
Must while at work, co-operate with his or her employer or other person so far as is necessary to enable compliance with any requirement under this Act or the regulations that is imposed in the interests of health, safety and welfare on the employer or any other person.


Must ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of their employees;
Must provide and maintain safe places of work, equipment and systems of work.

All persons must not:

  • Interfere with or misuse things provided for the health, safety or welfare of persons at work;
  • Obstruct attempts to give aid or attempts to prevent a serious risk to the health and safety of a person at work; or
  • Refuse a reasonable request to assist in giving aid or preventing a risk to health and safety.