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Get Psyched For a Summer of Sport - Attention all Alexandrina Sports Clubs and Coaches!

As part of the Regional Club and Athlete Development Program, South Australian Sports Institute Psychologist, Emma Mattey, will be presenting on psychological interventions for enhanced sport performance.  The workshop will be held at the McCracken Country Club, Victor Harbor,  on Wednesday 14th of September from 6pm-8pm.  Registrations are essential.

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The full program of workshops is available here.

CommunityACTIVE 2015/16 

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STARCLUB Field Officer

The STARCLUB Field Officer works closely with partner councils in the Southern Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island region to foster a vibrant sport and recreation culture, support local sport and recreation clubs and associations to provide high quality participation opportunities to the community, and support councils on a range of recreation and sport matters including:

-          Grants and funding advice for sporting clubs

-          Providing templates to support sporting club governance (constitution updates, policy development etc.)

-          Managing/ recruiting volunteers

-          Creating child safe environments – legal responsibilities for sport and recreation clubs and associations

-          Strategic planning for sporting clubs

-          Reducing the cost of and managing utilities – increasing sustainibilty

-          Supporting clubs to access and utilise the STARCLUB Club Development Program

-          Training and development opportunities for sporting club volunteers including coaches and officials  


Alexandrina Council supports local sport and recreation clubs to become STARCLUB accredited.

Is your club a STARCLUB?

A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

Clubs are able to measure themselves against STARCLUB criteria and get information and support to continue the development of their club to provide the best environment possible for their members and the wider community.

Why become a STARCLUB?

The STARCLUB Club Development Program has been designed for use by sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes. The program will be valuable for your club whether you believe your club is already a STARCLUB or has some work to do.

STARCLUBs will also be recognised by the government and other organisations that value the role well-run community clubs can play in our community.

STARCLUB criteria 

The STARCLUB online assessment tool contains 25 questions designed to find out areas of strengths as well as areas of improvement for clubs.

Once these areas are identified, Alexandrina Council will assist in the implementation of strategies and programs to support the development of your club.

Further information

Visit the STARCLUB website for further details.

Should you wish to discuss your club or would like assistance with the online STARCLUB tool please contact the Southern Fleurieu/Kangaroo Island STARCLUB Field Officer on 0427 015 845 or email

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