Natural Resources Management Levy

The Natural Resources Management (NRM) levy, set by the NRM Boards, is a State Government tax imposed under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

Council collects the levy on behalf of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Natural Resources Management Board and the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board.

The levy is based on the capital value of land and is shown as a separate charge on the rates notice.

Council has been advised that our contribution to the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) NRM Board levy is proposed to increase by 150% in 2016-17.

Alexandrina Council is opposed to the large increase to the SAMDB NRM levy.

Alexandrina Council recognises the NRM boards as important partners in the pursuit of sustainable use and protection of our region's natural resources and values the work of the boards. With common alignment between the vision of the boards and Council's strategic objectives, Council has a strong interest in the boards' delivery of NRM services in the Alexandrina region.

Does Council receive the NRM levy funds?

No. Council is obliged to collect the levy through the rates notice on behalf of the State Government for no net gain to Council.

Alexandrina Council’s response to the increase

During the public consultation period on the SAMDB NRM Board’s Business Plan, Council provided a submission speaking against the proposed large increase in the NRM levy to be paid by Alexandrina ratepayers. View Alexandrina Council's Submission to SA Murray Darling Basin Board.

The submission highlighted Council’s own initiatives to minimise rate increases and suggested the Board work more collaboratively with Council to ensure the NRM levy is spent efficiently.

Proposed increases to the average ratepayer are:

Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges NRM

2015-16 $151,012

2016-17 Proposed $162,145

SA Murray Darling Basin NRM

2015-16 $528,573

2016-17 Proposed $1,329,994

What are the funds used for?

The NRM levy supports the work of the SAMDB NRM Board in the management of the region’s natural resources. For details of Board programs visit

Why has the NRM levy increased so much?

For details of the SAMDB NRM Board’s Business Plan click here.

For details about the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Natural Resources Management Board click here.

If you would like more information on why the large increase of the NRM levy is proposed, please call:

The Natural Resources Centre on (08) 8391 7500 (SAMDB) NRM or
(08) 8273 9100