Environmental Advisory Panel

Environmental Advisory Panel

The Environmental Advisory Panel has been established following a resolution of Council on 15 May 2017 to endorse its Terms of Reference.

Elected Members on the panel are Cr Rebbeck Cr Bradford.

Community members on the panel are Meredith Tothill, Jo McPhee, Ben Simon, Tim Vale and Christine Trenorden.

The role of the Panel shall be to provide input and advice to Council regarding implementation of Council’s Environmental Action Plan. Environmental and sustainability matters to be addressed by the Panel may include water resource management, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaption, resource recovery & waste management, environmental education and the reduction of Council’s corporate footprint.

Environmental Action Plan

Council’s Environmental Action Plan, endorsed in April 2014, is available here.

Alexandrina’s environmental aspiration is to ‘Thrive in Clean Green Futures’. For further information visit the environment pages.


August 21 2019
.pdf EAP Agenda - 21 August 2019 Agenda
.pdf EAP Minutes - 21 August 2019 Minutes
May 22 2019
.pdf EAP Agenda - 22 May 2019 Agenda
.pdf EAP Minutes - 22 May 2019 Minutes
March 13 2019
.pdf EAP Agenda - 13 March 2019 Agenda
.pdf EAP Minutes - 13 March 2019 Minutes



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