Audit Committee

Alexandrina Council has an Audit Committee which provides independent review and advice to Council in relation to the administration’s approach to corporate governance matters.

The Audit Committee is formed under Section 41 of the Local Government Act, 1999 and provides an important independent role between Council, its management and the community.  It has no authority to act independently on behalf of Council.  Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee.

The primary objective of the Audit Committee is to add value through the provision of advice to ensure that the resources of Alexandrina Council are being used efficiently and effectively.

It will assist council accomplish its objectives by contributing to a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

The committee comprises of two independent members, three Elected Members and Mayor Keith Parkes as Ex Officio.

The independent members are John Comrie, Chairperson and Claudia Goldsmith.

Elected Members are Councillor Karen Lume, Councillor Grant Gartrell and Councillor Madeleine Walker.

Meetings are held in the Alexandrina Council Large Meeting Room at 11 Cadell Street, Goolwa on average four times per year, with the schedule of meetings for each year determined by the Audit Committee.

Audit Committee Minuted Items Released from Confidence

No items available to list.